All-in One Type Optical Resin Dehumidifying Dryer

Mã sản phẩm: NX-E

All-in One Type Optical Resin Dehumidifying Dryer

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All-in-One machine mounted high performance
dehumidifying dryer for optical plastic moldings application

- All-in-One integrated unit simplifies engineering plastics drying
- Super fine filter unit incorporated for molding optical products
- Equipped with maintenance-free heatless dehumidifier
  producing -50˚C ultra low dew-point
- Dehumidifying air compression and circulation (NX-5E)/
  Round system (NX-25E) for sealing against outside air
- High clean factor with #400 polished SUS304
  for parts that come in contact with resin


■ Dehumidifying air circulation system (NX-5E)

Ultra super low dew-point dehumidifying air circulation system is incorporated in a dryer unit. After dehumidifying air is purged into a heater unit, it circulates in a drum to effectively dry material.

■ Round System (NX-25E)

Round System supplies and circulates dehumidifying air of –50˚C generated by a heatless dry air unit through a closed system.

■ Super fine filter

Super fine filter provides contamination-free drying. Absolute drying and contamination-free promise reject-free optical plastic moldings.

■  High functions in compact body

All-in-One integrated unit offers easy operation, space-less, energy saving, high productivity.

■ Superior drying capability

In terms of any optical plastic moldings require perfect precision and stability, pressurized dehumidifying air circulation drying is far superior to conventional hot sir drying.

LED alarm
Line filter

■ LED alarm

LED alarm is installed onto a dryer controller and blinking/buzzer alert.

■ Line filter

Line filter can be installed.

Line filter GF/GX

  NX-5E NX-25E
Line filter GX-10-001 GX-20-001

■ Attachments with butterfly shutter

Sets of purpose-specific butterfly valves and SUS attachments are available.

■ Weekly timer

Machines can be started and stopped automatically by simply setting the days of the week and times that the machine should run.